Two of the Most Underrated Supplements That Will Revolutionize The Industry

Everywhere you turn, a new company with a new supplement line comes out touting its revolutionary product that will biohack, crack, or put you on track to look like the most beautiful and powerful person on the planet.

This endless search for the "next big thing" is a cultural undertone that makes good-intentioned fitness and sports enthusiasts confused and hopeless as they realize that something is still missing. Well, go no further than this post because I have the two most effective and underrated supplements that you can include in your daily regimen.

To give you some background on these supplements, I experienced them firsthand as a program director and professor for an exercise science program in a college that enabled students to become personal trainers and strength coaches. In my first year, I learned just as much as the students did, and one of the most daunting tasks that I worked feverishly to stay current on was supplements because so many of my students were asking about them.

In my first year, I learned just as much as the students did, and one of the most daunting tasks that I worked feverishly to stay current on was supplements because so many of my students were asking about them.

In particular, and not at all cliche, I had two male students that happened to be twins. Good looking twins who were all about getting "shredded" so they could continue their fitness modeling careers. Now take note, these two had chiseled abs, a great physique, and an impressive look. You get the picture. Yet, as I started to work with them personally as they followed rep schemes and metabolic workloads that I put together, it was very apparent that their appearance didn't match up with their fitness levels. Numerous times they threw-up during my workouts in which other students completed with room left to spare. So after a month or so of this occurring, they approached me with the golden question during an exercise physiology class.


Now, to be fair, everyone has asked that question in their mind. You can take out the last eight words of that question and insert anything that has to do with aesthetics or performance and everyone has either explored or engaged in that pursuit. There has to be something that can help right? After all, there is an "app" for technology, so there should be a "supp" for fitness?!

So, after class was over I did a search for supplements, and after about 55 minutes of wading through insurmountable and innumerable loads of crap, I stopped and thought about what the root of their question was. At its core, these twins wanted to know what shortcut there was to getting in shape. As I sat there and reflected about the answer I would give while I researched extensively, I ran across these two supplements that I will now share exclusively with you.

The next morning I wrote on the board after greeting the class with these two words

"HW & Vitamin C"

Then I said, "The two greatest supplements ever implemented into fitness or performance program."  There was a murmur in the class as students chatted among themselves. Finally, one student got the gumption to ask, "What the heck is HW, and why Vitamin C?"  

I smiled and told them about how perplexed I was at the question the twins asked me the day before, and how it made me do research that I'd never done previously. I told them that I had to look at the root of the question, and then proceed with the evidence of success in any endeavor I had ever taken on. I told them these two supplements were not what they thought. I then turned to the whiteboard, and wrote these words underneath the initial statement:


The amusement and then disappointment on their faces told me everything that I needed to see about their future success. Several weeks later they dropped out of my program.

So, I'll ask you the same follow-up questions that I asked them, and it will take some real soul-searching to come up with proper solutions. However, the time spent reflecting should create a revolution in your approach.

  • Why did you think there was going to be a magic supplement that would change everything?
  • Where does that mindset come from?
  • Has it ever helped you to become successful?
  • Were you disappointed in the answer that I gave you?

The bottom line and purpose of this post is to get you out of culture's context of convenience. You see, from my experience, nothing worthwhile ever comes easy, and no one ever grows by living in comfort. The best things in life take work, and the most successful people do it over and over again. The equation is simple. The results are irrefutable. However, just because it's common sense sense doesn't make it common practice.

So, the next time you find yourself looking for a shortcut or convenient way to do something, employ Hard Work and Consistency to "supplement" your aspirations and dreams. Just like a quality supplement that you've used in the past, you won't see results initially. But as you ingest them and strategize the timing to take them, you eventually will see the changes that you desired. The end product will be rewarding, the result will be empowering, and these two "supplements' by which it came will be transcending.

About the author: 

Riley Ross is a dynamic educator and coach who has worked with world class combat and sports athletes over the last decade. Riley is a catalyst for men of character and loves to equip them with a mindset and model of "training for reigning." Currently he is working with anti-terrorism task forces as a Tactical Strength Coach in Florida.