Don’t dread the tread.


ADD this simple workout warm-up to your program TO fire up your glutes and tone your troublesome areas.

A target area for many women, and even men, when hitting the gym is their rear-end and hamstrings. We will spend an endless amount of time on machines and treadmills/stair-steppers/elipticals trying to burn fat and tone these troublesome spots. But targeting these areas while activating you glutes pre-workout may take less time than you think!

5 degrees of difference.

When I first received this warmup for my new workout program from world-class educator and strength coach Riley Ross, my initial thought was “really, you have me walking for a warmup?"

It took one morning of implementing this 15 minute walk to make me realize that my thinking was flawed. I have since added this seemingly simple routine into nearly every workout session I do. It wakes up your glutes and hamstrings, raises your heart rate to a sweat inducing level, and on average burns 130-150 calories in just 15 minutes!

Do your best to keep those arms swinging at the higher inclines to avoid holding onto the bars. If you reach the point where you need the bars, reduce the speed or decrease the incline slightly until you can maintain a pace without holding on.

As someone who would much rather be lifting than spending time on the treadmill, I have been amazed at how effective this simple warmup has been, especially on my deadlift days, and have definitely noticed a change.

Pace: 3.5-4.5 mph

  • 3 min @ 1% incline
  • 3 min @ 5% incline
  • 3 min @ 10% incline
  • 3 min @ 15% incline
  • 3 min @ 20% incline

Feeling frisky? Repeat the steps for 2-3 rounds. A new addition I have made is work to the top incline, then go back down.