Could your personal branding be affecting your future?

Branding has long been thought to be the way that companies, mostly large businesses, put themselves on display to the world. But today, almost every small business and individual carries a personal brand.

VNDK8 President, Travis Bellinghausen, recently shared his thoughts on personal branding with The Mastermind Project, a resource for personal trainers to learn from industry veterans on how to build, cultivate, and grow a personal training business.

With over 338,000 personal trainers forecasted in the US by 2018, Travis shares his views, and shows examples of necessary steps that all trainers should be considering to grow their personal brands. Whether you are on your own or fitting into a big-box gym setting, set yourself apart from your competitors!



Fear. It's one of the our greatest threats. It can suffocate, control, restrict and shut us down. Fear of the unknown is one of the biggest obstacles that all of us will ever face throughout our lives. We sit and wonder... and we play it safe. Then we complain that we are still stuck in the same situation that we've been in for who knows how long now. We contemplate "what if" over and over and over and come up with every negative scenario possible until we've completely talked ourselves out of that something that could have been great. Possibly life changing.